Functional Football Academy was founded by Luke Harris, a Football Coach with a background in teaching PE. As a result, Functional Football in essence, is a school of football, with its philosophy steeped in educational principles of learning.


Why Functional Football? Our philosophy is to develop football with a purpose and everything we do should have a clear intention. So, whether it be the curriculums we create, the sessions we run, or the games we prepare for, they are always designed to be practical and purposeful, with the end goal deep in our thought process.


Functional Football Academy is passionate about developing not only footballers, but players who learn to be the best citizens they can be. Our coaches not only teach football, but also the values that sport has the unique ability to develop.


As football teachers, we believe it is vital to keep up to date with the latest research, to ensure our pedagogical practices provide our players with the cutting edge of coaching innovation. In doing so, we believe that knowledge and experience should be shared, so as to create a learning community that is always learning, always improving and always challenging itself to be the best. A value that we want to role model for our players.











Head Coach Luke Harris


Luke has been coaching since 2011, where he began his journey as an assistant helping U/6s and U7s, whilst studying for his teaching degree at the University of Sydney. This quickly became a passion and more serious, when he became assistant coach for a U/18s team at an National Premier League One (NPL1) Club in Sydney. He went on to coach at number of Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) NPL teams and acquired his AFC/FFA Advanced C Licence. Luke completed his studies with First Class Honours, where his dissertation on Small Sided Games was published in the University of Sydney Papers in Human Movement, Health and Coach Education. Upon beginning teaching, Luke moved to coaching the Men’s teams at Lindfield FC, where he is currently head coach of the Premier League side and combines this with coaching at the FC Barcelona Escola in Sydney.

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