PODCAST: E04S1 - Grégory Hallé Petiot - GameShaping

In this episode we talk to founder of GameShaping, Grégory Hallé Petiot and his workshop that helps coaches develop their own games. He discusses the importance of playing games in training, and the important task the coach has in creating games that suit the players you have in front of you.

In developing these games, Grégory highlights the value of context, and how tactics are influenced by the individual and their understanding of the game. 

We touch on the GameShaping eBook, GameCanvas as not only a session plan, but also a reflective tool and the benefits of recording sessions with a drone to create the story of a game (YouTube channel).

Website: http://www.gameshaping.info/

Twitter: @gameshapg

Facebook: @gameshaping

Instagram: gameshaping


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