PODCAST: E03S1 - Eshan Popal - T3 Australia

Episode 3 sees us chat to Co-Founder of T3 Australia, Ehsan Popal, about Grassroots Football.


Ehsan discusses how football development at the grassroots level is the vital link in creating a foundation for players moving to the elite level, but also in developing a love for the sport. With a focus on the grassroots, Australia can build a football culture that other nations share.

Football starts at home is also touched on, the benefits of engaging parents to help with this journey, T3 Australia and their relationship with the Addidas Golden Boot  winner for coaching, Tom Byer.

Website: https://www.t3-australia.com/

Twitter: @T3Aus

Facebook: @T3australiafootball

Instagram: t3_australia                                                                                                         

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